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all boobs are good boobs

all stomachs are good stomachs

all thighs are good thighs 

all bodies are good bodies

yes yours, too, and don’t you forget it

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They think she might be in the West London area so spread the word out to Ealing/Kew/Richmond/Brentford etc

She’s only 14 years old and has health concerns and is thought to be ‘very vulnerable’

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If you own a dog, please share.

Even if you don’t own a dog, please share

thank you, one-armed dog doctor




If you own a dog, please share.

Even if you don’t own a dog, please share

thank you, one-armed dog doctor

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School Essentials

It’s that time again when we all realise how quickly summer flew by and school is right around the corner. Here are essentials we all need to have with us to survive the jungle we call school.

Starting off with the basic essentials, here’s a guideline of what you’ll to have in your pencil case at all times.

- Two black or blue pens (depending on which colour you’re allowed to write with)
- Two pencils
- A ruler
- A rubber/eraser
- A sharpener

In addition, you might want these in your pencil case:
- A few highlighters
- A few coloured pens
- A few coloured pencils (for drawing diagrams and for art)
- A glue stick and scissors
- Bookmarks and sticky notes
- Paperclips

Most schools hand out notebooks, but some don’t. If that’s the case for you, then consider yourself lucky! Go all out and buy some cute patterned ones. To be on the safe side, buy one or two plain ones, just in case your teacher prefers plain ones over patterned ones.

Agendas are a must if you don’t want to end up with a whole night of homework and missed assignments. Use it to jot down your homework so you don’t forget what it was and when it was due. This will make all that workload easier to manage and prevent you from having too much in one day.

For maths, you’ll need a calculator. A scientific calculator has more functions and will make it easier to solve complicated problems, so keep that in mind when choosing between a basic and a scientific one.

Don’t forget a protractor and a pair of compasses too! You might want to invest in a geometry set that has all of them in one set.

You will obviously need a pencil case to keep everything in place. Choose a cute and colourful one, with floral or patterned designs!

Here are some beauty essentials to keep in your bag for a quick touch up.

- Your fave/go-to concealer
- A travel-size deodorant
- A travel-size version of your fave perfume or body mist
- Your go-to face powder and a brush (try to go for a travel-size brush)
- A lip balm
- A few hair grips and hair ties or a scrunchie
- Mascara
- A hair brush (the smaller the better!)

Here are a few things you might also want to pop in your bag:
- Mints or chewing gum (if your school allows this)
- A travel-sized dry shampoo

- Hand cream
- Face wipes
- Tissues
- Hand sanitiser
- Headphones

It’s also a very good idea to keep a spare pair of tights just in case. And don’t forget to have some pads/tampons for that time of the month!

To keep all your beauty products in one place, you will need a make up bag. This will prevent them from being scattered all over your bag. Choose one that will fit all your beauty products but will also fit nicely in your bag. And always go for your fave colours and patterns!

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If you are reading this, you have survived your entire life up until this point.

You have survived traumas, heartbreak, devastation, the elements, different phases of life. And here you are.

You go, motherfucker. You’re awesome.

giannavella: Hey:) can you tell me what you polyvore name is? I've been searching you for soo long:) i love your blog so much.:*

Thank you!
Mine is sonia-ahd
Nathalie’s is nathalie0103
Emily’s is emily016
:) xx
- Sonia

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Anonymous: Could you give me some tips for making Polyvore sets? Yours are always so on point! xxxxx

Thank you! Here are some tips:
- Use as much of the space as possible and leave as few gaps as you can
- Try to make all the items touch and overlap, so they look “layered”
- Use text, images, effects, borders, etc. to make your sets more interesting
- Add jewellery and accessories to make your outfit more detailed
- Include popular and trending items, more people will view your sets
- Be yourself (and never copy others!)
- Don’t be afraid to experiment
I hope this helps :) xx

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Anonymous: hello. A while ago i asked on what to do for my 19th birthday and emily i believe said laser tag was really fun, so i've decided to do that and then come home to a little dinner party. could you girls please give me an outfit idea for the dinner party:)?

Yay that’s awesome! Well make sure you wear something comfortable but breathable for laser tag because it can get so hot running around. For the dinner party maybe wear a cute dress with stockings if it’s cold where you live and a nice cardigan or if you want something more comfortable put some jeans on and a cute top :) - Emily xx

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Anonymous: I think I've reached my monthly period of depression. I'm feeling so sad right now. Please make me smile or laugh?xx

This may be a really weird thing but whenever I’m down I watch Thatcherjoe’s impression videos. He is so hilarious and so accurate with them it always cheers me up. Here’s a link to them: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=thatcherjoe+impressions

- Emily xx

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Anonymous: Can you post a link to the messy braid video?

Here it is!! xxx

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Anonymous: Hi I'm going to a friends surprise birthday party today. I thought about wearing a navy blue collared casual dress with black lace detail and burdundy lips. Could you guys help me with my hairstyle? Xx

I would say either do a top bun or a messy fishtail braid. Lou Teasdale has a video showing how to do a messy braid, that might help xxx

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ATTENTION ALL GIRLS AND LADIES: if you walk from home, school, office or anywhere and you are alone and you come across a little boy crying holding a piece of paper with an address on it, DO NOT TAKE HIM THERE! take him straight to the police station for this is the new ‘gang’ way of rape. The incident is getting worse. Warn your families. Reblog this so this message can get accross to everyone. 

I will always reblog things like this, it won’t ruin your blog or the look of it, and this could potentially save a life.




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