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Eleanor Calder Purse Essentials by emily016 featuring a continental walletMulberry black leather purse / Mulberry continental wallet, $495 / Ray-Ban ray ban sunglasses, $210 / Goody hair accessory / Goody hair accessory / Beauty product / Graphic Image 2014 Desk Diary / Ted Baker Touchscreen Pen - Pale Green, $34 / Apple Store
Eleanor Calder Purse Essentials by emily016 featuring a continental wallet

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Anonymous: Can you do a purse essentials master list?

Sure, I’ll get it done now :)

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deleanorguide: Hello girls! I wanted to tell you how amazing your blog is! You guys have done a really great job. xx

Thanks so much! xx

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Requested: Forever 21 inspired mastepost

Polyvore set ()

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Anonymous: where do you guys are from? :) x

I’m from Poland (but Iive in Russia BUT I’m moving to the UK soon!) and Emily is from Australia :)
- Sonia

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Anonymous: I really love your blog! The new theme is so cute and you guys are so sweet! x

Thanks so much! We are loving the new theme as well, so much easier to find the guides :) - Emily xx

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ASOS are selling these overalls which I think are a great mix between her Topshop pini and the ones she wore to London Fanshion Week!

Asos overall


ASOS are selling these overalls which I think are a great mix between her Topshop pini and the ones she wore to London Fanshion Week!
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Nail polishes ()

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Requested: With black and white brogues.

Hi Anon! Ok, Eleanor used her brogues on different occasions. What you have to do is create a monochromatic look because if you notice, all the times she used the black and white brogues, the whole look was black and white too. I hope I have helped you! :) x

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Alternatives for Eleanor’s topshop indigo shift dress by nikka-phillips featuring a hi low dress
Topshop dress / Topshop dress / Topshop dress / Topshop blue dress, $110 / Blue dress / Topshop blue dress, $75 / Mango hi low dress, $75 / Blue dress, $42


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Anonymous: I'm so sorry if this is an annoying question (bc a couple blogs hate getting asked this) but where did you find your theme if you dont mind me asking:)?

If you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you’ll see a (tiny) button in the bottom right corner which will bring you to the website where the original theme is from.
- Sonia

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Anonymous: Hi girls! I have a very strange problem and you'll probably think I'm weird but I think my teacher (28 y/o) has a crush on me and I recently started to fancy him too.I'm 18 nearly 19 years old and will leave school next year. What should I do?

I know all over the world there are very strict policies about student/teacher relationships and although you think your teacher may have a crush on you (and he might, I can’t say because I don’t know him) it would be a very bad idea to make a move on him or try something more than a student/teacher relationship, especially if he tries something on you. If he can’t control himself and does try to make a move, he will be breaking the law and you should report him even though you may fancy him. He shouldn’t become a teacher if he can’t control himself around teenage girls. He may think you’re beautiful or good looking so a guys natural instinct is to be nice to girls like that and he may not even realise how he’s acting around you but no teacher and student should ever have a relationship outside of school. I hope you aren’t too disappointed, a lot of people do get crushes on their teachers and think more of it but it is illegal for both you and the teacher. 

- Emily

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Anonymous: Can you make a little guide with the best bikinis and swimsuits ( especially bikinis that don't fall off when you jump in the water from a high distance ) if so thank you (: xxx

That’s a good idea! I will :) Should be posted today/tomorrow.
- Sonia

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Anonymous: The new theme is so cool omg and the colors omfg how cool is that?!?

I know right?! I’m so glad I found it. :)
- Sonia

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